The parking facility at 500 North Michigan Avenue is available to all building tenants for monthly parking.

  • A Parking attendant is on duty Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM. The parking facility is managed by a parking management company.
  • The 500 North Michigan Avenue parking garage entrance is on lower Illinois Street. A parking transponder is required to access the door.
  • Parkers are billed on a monthly basis direct from the parking garage operator. For rates and availability, please contact Jeries Tadros with SP Plus at (312) 296-6009.
  • Additionally, discounted parking is available at the Intercontinental Hotel for the tenants and/or guests of 500 North Michigan Avenue. The Intercontinental Hotel is located across Michigan Avenue, 505 North Michigan Avenue. To receive a discounted rate, the parking ticket will require validation. Vaidation is available at the 500 North Michigan Avenue security desk.

To ensure the safety and order within the parking garage, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Observe all directions and speed limit directional signage.
  • Mechanic work or outside services are not permitted to be performed while parked in the facility.
  • Trailers and/or towed vehicles are not permitted.
  • Standard Parking, builidng owner and/or JLL is not responsible for any damages to and/or theft from your vehicle.

Parking garage programs currently in place include:

  • Car wash service
  • Vehicle lock-out assistance
  • Dead battery assistance
  • Flat tire assistance